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Thomas Le Hoang has three main passions in life, the first of which is optimising leadership and management.

His second passion lies in helping individuals reach self-actualisation.

His third passion is about quality of life, achieved by finding the right balance between work and life.



Thomas Le Hoang has trained thousands of salespeople and created profit for hundreds of real estate offices over the past 16 years. Today, he runs the Wiseberry Real Estate network where he practices a holistic approach to transforming leadership where work and life go hand in hand.

He believes in building a strong business without the need to sacrifice every other aspect of life. The only business worth focusing on is the business of living an inspired life. Success cannot come at the expense of our partners, children and above all, ourselves. 

Thomas doesn’t see himself as a motivator because he doesn’t believe motivation can be long lasting.
He doesn’t see himself as a sales trainer because sales trainers tend to get lost in techniques.
He doesn’t see himself as a life coach because he holds too much respect for each and every individual to believe that he holds the key to what their life should be.
Thomas sees himself as a person who has focused on finding the key to unlock hidden potential in people around him.


Thomas Le Hoang is just a regular guy. Like everybody, he started from nothing, going from one job to the next, hoping that one day, he was going to meet his destiny. For a while, he struggled to make ends meet, learned from his own experience, often extracting more from his failures than his wins. 

Then one day, things changed. His brother had leukemia and he had to go back to Belgium to give his brother some bone marrow. This single event made him realise that life was not about struggle. It was about giving, sharing and extracting the best in us.

Since 1994, he worked on himself, looking for ways to fall in love with his work rather than looking for that perfect job. Within two decades, he went from being a salesperson to running a 25-office real estate franchise.



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