#6: Mother of Two, Kimberley Burke, Talks About Building Your Own Future & Security Through Real Estate

Kimberley Burke talks about her journey in Real Estate and how she has built the life she always wanted. It wasn’t always easy but growing from getting knocked back made her the person she is today. She discusses the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, having goals and being resilient. Kimberley shares her recipe for success as a manager and provides five tips she would give young individuals who are thinking about getting into Real Estate.

#5: Finding Balance Within a Successful Career in Real Estate with Kurt Bratby

Kurt Bratby, Sales Manager at Wiseberry Heritage, shares his story of how we went from doing letterbox drops at twelve years old to running a successful real estate sales team. In an industry where finding a balance between work and life appears to be a never-ending struggle, Kurt shares his personal insight into how he achieved balance without abandoning his goals, and uncovers what it truly takes to make the leap from salesperson to sales manager.

#4: TL Discusses w/ Josh Canellis, a Sales Manager, Dealing With His Own Issues Whilst Still Performing and Helping Others Succeed

Josh Canellis, a truly inspiring individual discusses his journey in Real Estate. Having only been in Real Estate 4 years, he has come a long way both professionally and personally. Having his own personal issues, life is not always easy, yet he manages to stay at the top of his industry whilst still helping others. Being a Sales Manager, part of his job is to help others, however, he has learnt many things along the way. Everyone is different, and if he can get one lesson out of every individual, it could take him to new heights.

#3: A Look Inside a Business Built on Mateship with Rod Dillon

On this episode of the TL Podcast, Thomas is joined by Rod Dillon, director of Wiseberry Peninsula. They discuss the important role mateship has not only in business, but all facets of life, the importance of employing like-minded people, and helping others in times of need. Tune in to hear Rod’s captivating story of how his family inspires him to make the most of every day and live to his full potential.

#2: Wine🍷Wisdom 1 | TL and Cam Wilson Discuss “Why Wine & Wisdom”?

Why Wine & Wisdom you may ask. TL (Thomas Le Hoang) and Cam Wilson discuss why the idea emerged. The episodes of Wine & Wisdom will be discussing topics such as work, private life, people’s achievements, philosophy, life’s journey, and many more. The rules are simple, each episode, the individuals must bring a bottle of wine each. As TL mentions, “In vino veritas”, is a Latin phrase that means “in wine lies the truth”. This episode, TL brings ‘The Obsessive’ Chardonnay (2017) from Scarborough Wine Co, a winery in the Hunter Valley Australia. Cam brings a Chardonnay (2014) from Audrey Wilkinson, a winery also in the Hunter Valley.

#1: The Link Between a Resilient Mindset and Success in Real Estate with Scott Matthews

How do you stay motivated in real estate? On the first episode of the TL Podcast, Thomas is joined by Scott Matthews, director of Wiseberry Rouse Hill and Wiseberry Baulkham Hills. They chat all things real estate, career, resilience, mindset, family/life balance, the power of asking the right questions and more. Remove the excuses and find your defining moment that makes you shift your actions from intention to execution.