24 Jul

A Son Never Forgets


A few days ago I posted a photo taken in Belgium of myself with my parents on Facebook, along with the description “ASNF”.

This comes from one of my favourite movies, Men of Honour, where the insignia ASNF stands for “A Son Never Forgets”.

At the time this picture was taken, I remember thinking that although my parents have aged, although they are no longer as useful to me as they once were, although they have now retired and are no longer earning an income, although they are probably not feeling as powerful as they used to be…to me they are forever the most powerful figures, for they have shaped my life into what it is today.

A son’s true inheritance lies between his two ears, that is, the education and values that have been imparted upon him by hard-working parents. And that inheritance is priceless.

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t feel some sense of gratitude for what they have allowed me to become.

In that respect, a son never forgets.



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