31 Jul

Enjoy The Moment


On my recent trip back to Belgium, I visited the resting place that mum and dad had just purchased for themselves.

My father had chosen the orientation of his resting place and mum was speaking about it as if it was their next vacation.

I didn’t know what to feel; whether to be happy about her enthusiasm in describing what they were looking for when they had picked this spot, or the sadness that everything has an end.

As mum took me around the cemetery, it began to feel like I was visiting a memory of a time I hadn’t even lived yet.

That’s when I realised even more so that I need to enjoy the present moment. Sometimes, we just live fleeting moments in our relationships, only to wake up one day and realise that those people are gone and we never focused on what was truly important.

I then realised that I had never taken the time to ask my mother what truly makes her happy, what makes her unhappy, what makes her proud of her life. Just the same, I realised that my parents had never taken the time to ask me those same questions.

Instead, like every good mother, in the 10 days I spent around her on my trip, she was more busy worrying about what to cook me for dinner, whether there was any laundry to be done and whether I was hungry.

All of a sudden, I realised that I, too, am spending more time worried about whether my children have everything they need and whether they are well equipped to confront their own future.

This taught me a very important lesson; that I, too, should take the time to ask my children these same questions, to find out how they are feeling and whether they are leading a truly fulfilled and inspiring life.



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