10 Aug

A Priceless Gift


I recently celebrated my birthday and asked my children not to give me anything.

I believe that most people buy each other gifts as a trade, because they received a gift from the other person on their own birthday. It’s almost a payback kind of scheme.

It may be our way of living, but quite often it’s something we do mechanically, without putting too much thought into it.

So rather than asking my children for a gift, I asked them to cook something for me.

In the end, all I am after is an experience. While it may be an experience of the taste buds, it’s still an experience.

When you have to cook for someone, you have to put thought into it. You have to think about their likes, dislikes and the ingredients you are going to use. You have to think about them.

So I knew, for the simple reason that all those thoughts went into the dish, such a gift is priceless.

The next time you think of giving a present to a loved one, I urge you to think of an experience you can take them through, rather than an object they can purchase anywhere.



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