28 Aug

Feel What You Say


I understand that a lot of people use SMS or emails out of convenience or to help them manage their time a bit better.

But sometimes, the words we write in those messages hurt people when we don’t take the time to sit down and truly understand the impact they may have.

Sometimes, we say things because they go through our head. We tell people things on the run because we believe that being direct is the best way to be.

However, much damage is being done while we are unaware of the impact of the words we are using, just as much as in our personal relationships as at work.

Therefore, I urge you to take the time to read through your emails and truly feel your words.

Re-read what you are writing as if you were reading it from the other person’s point of view.

And maybe, in the process, you will save yourself much heartache in relationships and conflict in business.


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