22 Oct



As I tweeted earlier this morning, maybe it’s time for our politicians to start looking after the country rather than their own seats.



This weekend the Australian Liberal Party lost the seat of Wentworth, held by our former prime minister, Malcom Turnbull.

Articles are now surfacing where Liberal MPs are blaming this loss on the former prime minister for failing to support their candidates. First, they removed him because they didn’t have confidence in him and now, they are blaming him for not doing anything. In truth, we need to stop playing the blame game and start playing the ‘action’ game instead.

Every election, we put someone at the head of a party, and they’re the one running around setting up new policies and getting in the news to rally the causes of their party. Then we, as a public, vote for them. One day, they’re removed by their colleagues because the party didn’t place well in numerous polls.

Politicians need to stop worrying about the next election. Instead, they need to think about the promises they made to the nation and bring them to fruition.
How different would things would be if we, the citizens of Australia, selected a few business leaders and let them run the government? Would we do better?

Taking this one step further, I wonder how things would be if we applied business rules to the world of politics. You see, in business, if you do the wrong thing and send your business into bankruptcy, you won’t be able to run another business for a number of years.

There are things you need to look after in a business, and you can’t be blinded by worrying about whether you will still be a business owner 4 years from now.

Yet politicians can make promises just to get our vote. Then afterwards, even if they don’t do anything about these promises, nothing happens to them. They can actually go to the next election and hide behind another person of their choosing, letting them do all the work.

I believe we all need to look deep now and consider what kind of country we are truly building. Where do we stand in all of this? What say do we have in the rules of politics?


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