22 Oct



As I tweeted earlier this morning, maybe it’s time for our politicians to start looking after the country rather than their own seats.   Nothing to do with climate change. All to do with the way they removed the leader of the party. Maybe, it would be good that politicians stop worrying about their job […]

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18 Sep

My Two Heroes


I recently wrote a letter about my two heroes. Really, it was about the realisation that we often take our parents for granted, and sometimes even they take each other for granted. Some people thought that it was a letter of recognition, but for me, it was my way of expressing my emotions. Many of […]

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I can only hope with all my heart that I have done more than enough to deserve that my children speak and think the same kind of things in my living years. Parenthood, a tough responsibility, yet beautiful opportunity. https://t.co/jp7ZpV0tDE thomaslehoang photo

Just finished a good meeting with Scott and Stephanie. Embrace tough tasks now and shape the future. On their way to success, the brave endures what the weak can only dream about.

Well, what a day. Helped a lot of leaders. All they needed was someone to unblock their head and empower them. Now, it's all up to them.

I read about a guy I used to know getting off lightly for playing with trust monies. The sentence was way too light. How can you teach people not to do the wrong thing if you don't make bad people truly pay for their wrongdoings?

Happiness in business can be measured by the energy one feels when they walk into an office.
What is the true meaning of "happiness in business"? Find out in this week's episode of Above Board!