#123: Wine馃嵎Wisdom 37 Part 2/3 | Ayrton Senna

Most people have a hero, someone they admire and strive to be like. To Thomas, Ayrton Senna, who surrounds his office in framed photographs, is not his hero or idol, but rather someone who epitomises some of the things he would like to adopt in his life. In the second part of this episode of Wine & Wisdom, Thomas explains what he has embraced from Ayrton Senna, and, with Cam and Chris, explores the inspirational story of this revered Brazilian racing driver. Having read just about all there possibly is to read about him, Thomas has some lesser known knowledge to share. In this part, Cam brings a 2016 鈥淐么tes du Rh么ne鈥 Shiraz from E. Guigal, France.