#34: Transforming Your Life Through Perseverance and a Positive Mindset w/ Stephen and Maren Barnard

Stephen and Maren Barnard have experienced a journey like no other, switching 2.5 thousand acres for 700 square metres on Australia’s Sunshine Coast when their farm in Zimbabwe was invaded. After growing their own property development business, the global financial crisis emerged and blew everything up in smoke for the second time. They were left with no choice but for Stephen to work away from home in the mines, leading to serious health impacts. Luckily, their neighbours stepped in and offered them a nutritional cleansing program that has transformed their life. Thanks to this network marketing venture, 12 months later, Stephen was out of the mines and they were able to take this on as a full-time career. Listen to find out more about this program, and how, despite all their hardships, they continue to maintain a positive mindset that allows them to overcome any challenges that come their way.