#35: Wine🍷Wisdom 11 | With Hard-Work, Everybody Wins

In this episode of Wine & Wisdom, Thomas, Cam & Chris discuss “hard-work”. Hard-work is a great opportunity to discover your own potential. It is the best win-win position for both employers and employees. In real estate, we are all working with people every day. To be content with who we are means that the exploration of our own Self has a limit. And that means that we are also incapable of exploring the personhood of people who are way better than us. In that respect, to lead others, we have to be better leaders than them. Because we have to be worthy leaders for followers to follow. And so, in our little world, the thirst for knowledge of Self is imperative, we can never stop. This episode, Thomas brings a 2014 Shiraz from Scarborough, Hunter Valley. Cam brings a 2017 Chardonnay, “The Shortlist” from McGuigan, Adelaide and Chris brings a 2014 Cabernet Merlot from Annie’s Lane, Clare Valley.