#38: What Will Happen If They Shut Us All Down? | COVID-19

Recent talk on the government shutting us down is a hot topic. Thomas already said in the last podcast that Stage 1 was only the announcement of things to come. What if they took it further? What impact would we feel? Are they really dealing with issues in a proactive manner or are they just reacting against a curve they can’t flatten? To date, we have over 800 people affected in NSW alone. The important part is that about half of those infected are linked to overseas travellers or people coming home from abroad. It was one thing to blame the younger generations for their selfishness and the Bondi Beach “not okay” saga, but in reality, it was just a scratch against the thousands of people they let in through our airport and the live ‘hand grenades’ that walk free form the many cruise-liners. The question is whether it is right to allow mistakes decimate our livelihood and businesses. Through their leisurely approach, Cam, Chris and Thomas simply want to toy with the idea that only common sense can be the ultimate medication.