#39: Stage 2 Won’t Work, Neither Will Stage 3, 4 or 5… | COVID-19

Thomas, Cam and Chris are adamant that Stage 2 won’t work, neither will stage 3, 4 or 5… if it is about more shutdowns. We can not devastate the livelihoods of Australians. We can not let cruise ships dock and airport arrivals get away with murder. They should be in total lockdown before they are released into the population. People are not built for self-isolation. There is so much focus on the health or economical side of this crisis. Yet, people are directed with social issues. Maybe, we need to understand a bit more about social behaviour before we impose new stages onto people. They talk about putting the Australian economy into a coma and reviving it on the other side of the crisis. In reality, they are creating more havoc than the virus itself.