#40: Live Life by Choice, Not by Chance w/ Chris Joscelyne

When Chris Joscelyne was rushed to hospital and later diagnosed with a category 4 brain tumour, his initial mindset was gratitude. Gratitude for the hard work he had put into building a successful career and ensuring he had the best possible health cover he could afford. Having been in hospital since May last year, Chris continues to defy the statistics, treating every day with an undeniably positive spirit and absence of fear. He has a refreshing perspective when it comes the current coronavirus pandemic, and has some key advice to help business owners, employees, youth and anyone who may be struggling with self-isolation. While the current situation may feel like the end of the world to many, hearing from an individual in the highest risk category is sure to put things in perspective. In his own words, “I’m just getting on with living the best life that I can, with the cards that have been dealt to me.”