#41: Wine🍷Wisdom 13 Part 1/2 | Put Yourself in Other People’s Shoes During COVID-19

A lot of good will come out of times like these, where people will most definitely lift their game in the business industry. Very quickly, you will find out who you would want to stand alongside you in the trenches. During these difficult times, the coronavirus is going to make people say certain things because their current predicament dictates their language, thoughts and mindset. The mark of a true leader is someone who looks at things from another angle and is understanding. In this episode, Thomas, Cam and Chris go through different hypotheticals, putting themselves in the shoes of the government, the healthcare system, business owners, employees, retirees, and many more to provide perspective. They also break down the many issues that will arise between employees and employers. In Part 1 of this Wine & Wisdom episode, Thomas brings a 2017 Cabernet Shiraz called OPA from Peacock Hill, Hunter Valley. Cam brings a 2017 Chardonnay from Tempus Two, Adelaide.