#48: Wine🍷Wisdom 15 | Gratitude & Humility, Two Key Ingredients for Success

In this episode of Wine & Wisdom, Thomas, Cam & Chris discuss the true meaning of success. The human mind is a very interesting thing, you either control it, or it will control you. Gratitude is not about being content, it is about being thankful. Humility is not about thinking less about yourself, but rather thinking about yourself less. In our lives, some days it is going to rain and other days, there will be sunshine. So it is up to us to equip ourselves better, not up to us to try and change the weather of our days. In this episode three bottles of wine are featured from Hemera Estate which is situated in the Barossa Valley. A 2017 Riesling, a 2017 H Shiraz and a 2017 Limited Release Cabernet Franc.