#53: How to get Continuous Business Without the Need to Prospect w/ Imogen Callister

In today’s day and age, the realm of marketing is evolving at an exceptional pace. In the real estate industry, it is more important than ever to grasp the basics in order to secure more leads, listings, and business without the need to actively prospect. Imagine creating a business where potential vendors contact you to sell their home rather than you actively searching for them. In this podcast, brand and business growth expert Imogen Callister (The Media Coach) joins Thomas Le Hoang to provide her strategies for taking a business to the next level in the digital world. Ranked among the Top 24 Female Speakers and Coaches in Australia, Imogen has a wealth of knowledge to share on the topic. Together, they discuss recommended content, strategies and effective frequencies to achieve maximum results, while Imogen also provides inside knowledge about the content the social media algorithms are favouring and how to best take advantage of this.