#9: ‘Let The Music Hear Ya’; Through Music, Dannielle De Andrea Brings Healing To People, Allowing Them To Bring The Best Out Of Themselves

Dannielle De Andrea is an Australian singer-songwriter. She has toured and recorded with fellow Australian John Farnham. When based in London from 1992 to 1993, she released three solo singles, “Stuck in the Middle”, “Do It for Love”, and “Secret Love” which appeared in the UK Singles Chart, and she is the first Australian artist to appear on the UK soul chart. She talks about her journey and how music was always surrounding her, subconsciously soaking in. She now does singing workshops, ‘Let The World Hear Ya’, which is all about unlocking your fears, finding your voice and ‘having a go’. Visit www.lettheworldhearya.com to find out more.