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Family Time & Gratitude
Earn the Right to Lead
TL Podcast #45: Leadership in a Small Business During COVID-19 w/ Abdullah Choudhari
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We Do Emotions
TL Passion #20: Spare a Moment to Reminisce and Thank All Your Teachers

TL Passion #18: Look at People as ‘Facts’

TL Passion #17: Embrace Friends Whose Aim is to Improve Each Other

TL Passion #15: Treat Others the Way You Would Want Strangers to Treat Your Parents or Children

TL Passion #13: Take Great Care of ‘Now’

Everyone Wants to be Successful. Not Everyone is Willing to Pay the Price.

TL Passion #11: You Have a Choice in Everything

TL Passion #10: Each Day, Uncover a Better Version of Yourself

TL Passion #8: Strengthen Your Heart-Mind Connection

TL Passion #7: Look After Your Body, But Don’t Veneer It

TL Passion #6: Seek Excellence, Not Perfection

TL Passion #2: Be Grateful For Each Day

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