#2: Wine🍷Wisdom 1 | TL and Cam Wilson Discuss “Why Wine & Wisdom”?

Why Wine & Wisdom you may ask. TL (Thomas Le Hoang) and Cam Wilson discuss why the idea emerged. The episodes of Wine & Wisdom will be discussing topics such as work, private life, people’s achievements, philosophy, life’s journey, and many more. The rules are simple, each episode, the individuals must bring a bottle of wine each. As TL mentions, “In vino veritas”, is a Latin phrase that means “in wine lies the truth”. This episode, TL brings ‘The Obsessive’ Chardonnay (2017) from Scarborough Wine Co, a winery in the Hunter Valley Australia. Cam brings a Chardonnay (2014) from Audrey Wilkinson, a winery also in the Hunter Valley.