Book of Thoughts for Salespeople



One good line can often be more powerful than a hundred pages.

It’s not what you read that changes your life; it’s what you put into action that will determine your destiny.

Success in one aspect of life is NOT success. Unless, life is balanced, how can you ever reach fulfilment?

This volume is about selling with the ‘Heart’.

There are 366 thoughts in this book. To take full advantage of this book:

  1. Open the book to any page.
  2. Read only ONE page a day.
  3. Allow the thought to work on you that day.

Quotes are randomly set to foster a flexible mind. I hope to awaken in you the sparks of insights, dreams and audacity. ‘

Heart’ living never ages.

The mind can change, but the heart only has one compass. Remember, you are all involved in ‘part-time’ work, ‘full-time’ living.