The Power of You


Hard Cover



‘Cancer’… a word that instils fear everywhere it goes. Cancer may strike a person physically and yet, it affects everyone in a family. It leaves no stone unturned. When my brother got ill, the whole family was in turmoil. We didn’t know how to feel or what other family members felt like. Everyone felt so much pain and yet, no one knew how to help each other. Alone in our little corner, we tried to suppress our personal feelings, pretending to be strong for each other, yet deeply lost inside. This book is about how seven family members lived through their brother’s cancer, as they give a heartfelt recount of their side of the story. We are a very private family when it comes to sharing our feelings. It was much easier to write them down than talk about them. No editing has been made to the book to keep it as raw as possible. Emotions can’t be edited. We never realised that as we shared our feelings, we would come to accept each other as we are, grow a stronger family bond and ultimately heal ourselves. Cancer can be a great source of inspiration.