Amazing (Not Good) Enough


Hard Cover



Every now and then, we experience a weird feeling of not deserving love and not being good enough. No matter what we do, we can’t enjoy our success. This book is a result of thirty years of working on myself. Although the journey has not always been fun, where I am today feels like lightyears away from the hell I have endured. There have been countless lessons along the way, however one thing I have come to understand is that what may have worked as a solution for me could turn out to be useless for someone else. The very first thing we must do is to explore what makes us tick first. Then, we will avoid wasting time looking for solutions that don’t apply to us. In other words, not every therapy, not every self-help book, including this one, will work for us all, as we are all unique.Not every type of therapy and self-help book (including this one) is going to work for us. However, if through my journey with NGE, you can uncover a formula for finding yourself, then the book would have done its magic. Then, like me, you will be able to begin your ‘second’ life, breaking free from the shackles of the false beliefs that have imprisoned you until now. You will step outside your self-constructed jail and enjoy the fullness of life.