The Essence of Heart Selling


After training thousands of salespeople and creating profit for hundreds of real estate offices, Thomas Le Hoang has shared the keys to life success in a book.



A book for salespeople seeking PEAK PERFORMANCE and QUALITY OF LIFE.

Here is an opportunity to follow the story of Tom Vasy, a young man who stumbled into sales in order to make ends meet. We love storytelling. Maybe because some concepts are better taught through stories. They need situational and emotional contexts to stick in our mind.

Along the way, the book will uncover the essence of selling post COVID-19 era, especially when in turbulent times. The way we live and work has taken a totally new meaning.

Throughout the book, the principles of HEART SELLING will jump at you. You will uncover the skills that are required in this new age where trust and genuine care are the foundation of a prosperous career and a fulfilled life.